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Weekend Royals Links: All Hail Insanity Wolf With Weird Greinke Rumors Flying

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Above all else, this will be remembered as the week that Dayton Moore v. Insanity Wolf came into our lives, probably the single funniest blog post I've read all year. Meanwhile, earlier this week, there was an out-of-nowhere Greinke to the Brewers rumor, which I first heard about via Schaum on Twitter. For the Brewer response, click here.

Enjoy the rest of the links, which are sundry and numerous. You'll find that the conpletely reasonable Pirates rebuild continues to draw bizarre criticism, that hitter/pitcher matchup stats suck, that Brandon Inge has bad knees and all kinds of stuff from around the globe. I'm on the road this weekend, so you're spared my weird baseball speculative fiction for the time being.




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