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Royals Give Us One Last Heartbreaker... Maybe

Because you want the ball in Dusty Hughes' hand with the game on the line, with all of baseball watching.

  • A number of people mentioned in the game thread that Greinke seemed a little bit off today. Still, through five innings, he'd held the Twins scoreless, and allowed just two hits. Things got away from him a little bit in the sixth, as a leadoff walk by Punto turned into a two-out RBI by Joe Mauer. A Cuddyer HBP then turned into a Delmon Young double, and suddenly it was 4-0. Greinke eventually escaped without allowing further damage. It wasn't the way we all wanted this magical season to end, but honestly, one rough inning, against damn near 227 other good ones.
  • Still, this isn't the end of our time with Zack Greinke, or the things we can talk about. This isn't over.
  • I recognize that, actually, Dusty Hughes, wasn't a terrible option in the 8th inning. The bullpen is a disaster at the moment, and its been a disaster all season. Nevertheless, its just... well... the nature of baseball. One team is playing for its life, another is playing out game 140 of the string.
  • I will not miss this group of position players. Do you know that St. Willie has now hugely eclipsed his previous career highs in playing time? 124 games played, over 450 plate appearances. Congrats on that .310 OBP in your "career season" Saint. Bully for you!
  • Yea for our organizational villain, Alex Gordon. Does Trey sit him tomorrow, or remove him from the game halfway through an inning. Can we demote him the Arizona Fall League before tomorrow's game?