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Late Night Royals Links - The Posts Won't Stop

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Thanks to everyone who helped make this terrible season a little more bearable. Don't forget about Royals Review as you cruise the internet this winter, I'll still be here, posting as much as I can about all things related to the Baseball Hot Stove. In some ways, the off-season is now at least as fun as the season itself, especially if you're a fan of a bad team. Moves will be rumored, moves will be made. I hope you stop by here to talk about it with us.

I'm working on the 2009 Season Review piece, which should be posted soon.

Until then, your late night links:


  • Greinke-ganda: Why a vote against Zack is a vote against logic | Mellinger's Blog on the Royals and Baseball
  • Still fighting over Cy Young in AL - SweetSpot by Rob Neyer - ESPN
  • Making their pitch for the Cy
  • It's the Cy of Young, Not the Cy of Very Good - SB Nation
  • Farmaggedon 2009! " KC Monarchy
  • Moore, top officials head to Arizona for season evaluations - Kansas City Star
  • The Pipeline: The Pipeline's Top 20 Royals prospects 2009
  • The Royals Offense is the #1 problem - Royals Review
  • Baseball:

    Grab Bag: