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A Short Note to Zack Greinke

Dear Zack,

Thank you for an amazing 2009.

We know that if there's any athlete out there who may actually not care about the big fancy baseball awards, it's you. Still, just in case something insanely stupid happens and you don't win the Cy Young, we'd just like to say now that your 2009 season was one of the coolest things we've seen in a long time. Your starts were something we planned our life around and watching you perform brought out a side of us that many of us didn't know we had as fans. You made baseball incredibly fun. You made us proud to cheer for this team. Maybe you saw us making stupid signs. Hopefully you heard us cheer at least once or twice.

It's crazy that you've been a Royal since 2004. Has it been that long? Man, you still seem like a kid. A lot of us feel like we've gotten to know you a little bit over these last five years, which you would probably consider fairly idiotic, but it is the truth. You seem like one of us, which is crazy because well... you're Zack Greinke.

Honestly, we all really want you to win this silly thing. We really really do. Seriously though, it doesn't even matter. (Though if you don't, something, somewhere, is going to burn.) The Cy Young Award isn't big enough, isn't prestigious enough, to accurately describe what you did in 2009. Two people win the Cy every year after all. Two people don't do what you just did every season, however.

So thanks, man. Like, really. We mean it. This is getting too long... we'd give you an awkward bro hug if we could.


Fans of the Kansas City Royals