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Royals Review Community Prospect List: #5

Eric Hosmer gets the #4 position with 44% of the vote. I figured it would be closer but Hosmer seemed to gradually pull away.

A couple of notes: first, Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus will have the Royals as his next team for a top 15 prospect list. The list itself is free and the comments are in the pay section. I'm guessing the list will come out today or tomorrow.

Later this week, I'll have prospects #12-7 up.

As before, the choices are listed alphabetically and you can make your case in the comment section.

#1--Mike Montgomery--LHP--36%

#2--Mike Moustakas--3B--36%

#3--Aaron Crow--RHP--45%

#4--Eric Hosmer--1B--44%