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Conflicting Reports: Teahen Trade May or May Not Be Completed

The Mark Teahen Era, one marked by so many trade rumors and so much uncertainty about Teahen's role on the team at any given moment, may be heading towards a fitting end: nobody seems to know what is going on.

The Chicago Sun Times offers a straightforward report that the trade has been made, while the Kansas City Star and the Chicago Tribune are less certain. Other connected folks appear to be treating the trade as a done deal, citing the usual Royal paranoia and suggesting that all that we're seeing now is a last minute attempt to figure out who leaked this news. (Why this would be a bad thing isn't clear.)

The other piece here is the earlier rumors of a Red Sox trade, with which we began the day. This afternoon, the Red Sox acquired RF Jeremy Hermida, which you would think was probably not entirely unrelated to earlier talks.