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Royals Review Community Prospect List: #7

I am back from my trip and we can now resume our prospect list. There is the pleasant surprise of having a brand new name to throw into the mix: Cuban LHP Noel Arguelles. I hope to have the final installment of my personal prospect list up later this week (it might get delayed as we arrived home to a burst pipe and 30 inches of water in the basement). When I do get that published I will sqeeze Arguelles in his own special spot.

Dan Duffy won our last poll with a commanding 51% of the vote.

As before, the choices are listed alphabetically and you can make your case in the comment section.

#1--Mike Montgomery--LHP--36%

#2--Mike Moustakas--3B--36%

#3--Aaron Crow--RHP--45%

#4--Eric Hosmer--1B--44%

#5--Will Myers--C--43%

#6--Dan Duffy--LHP--51%