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A Quick Thought on Ruben Amaro Jr.

Ruben Amaro Jr. is starting to remind me of Omar Minaya's early days in New York.

Like Minaya, he's inherited a tremendous core of young talent, one that you'd really have to try to not win with. Right now, he's still a darling with most of the mainstream media, especially after they rallied around Raul "RBIs" Ibanez last summer, and I fully expect he'll be hailed for this Halladay mega-deal, should it go through.

That being said, Amaro's made a number of head-scratching moves and the Phillies are closer to an expensive Mets-esque collapse, with Halladay taking on Santana's role as the frustrated Ace of a third place team, than you might think. I don't see this happening next season, but if the Phillies are going to win in 2011-12, then Amaro's abilities as a General Manager are going to need to improve.