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Royals Sign Brian Anderson to One-Year Major League Deal

Per multiple reports, the Royals have signed outfielder Brian Anderson to a one-year, Major League contract.

I'm amused that when we were discussing this last night, there seemed to be a consensus of "hey, this isn't bad at all, it will be a minor league deal to help depth."

As if Dayton was gonna play it like that.

But I guess this is just another instance of my hindsight bias. Yea. Something like that.

There's no real point in a massive post analyzing this deal. Step one, we need to sit back and wait for the official terms of the contract, which will tell us more about Anderson's role. Anderson's just a guy: he's ok defensively at a premium position and doesn't hit. You can do better, you can do worse. But yes, you can do better. For the price (presumably) you can do better.

I guess the good news is that this might rule out a horrific deal for Scotty Pods.