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So Where Are We At With Kyle Davies?

So, Royals fans, where are we at with Kyle Davies?

Davies was an interesting arm in 2007, a promising one in 2008, and a disappointing one in 2009. As such, he's essentially like 80% of the proverbial "live arms" out there now: some good, some bad, a whole lot of questions.

Davies will be 26 next season, and has now started 99 games at the Major League level. Are you as surprised by that number as I am? There aren't many human beings who get a chance to make 99 starts in a big league uniform, and now Davies is one of them. In three seasons as a Royal, Davies owns a 5.03 ERA, good for an ERA+ of 88. 

So what's Davies's place on the 2010 Royals?

There's a growing sentiment that Davies has now reached the point in his career when he needs to be sent to the bullpen. Are you at that point? Is that too much of an over-reaction to one bad season? After all, a strong case could be made that Davies was worthy of a long-term contract after 2008?

Davies has been highly regarded for scouts for years, and he's still young enough that another step forward might not be impossible. On the other hand, he's actually been around for awhile now, and he's been given those 99 starts. 

If you want Davies in the pen, what's fueling that desire? Do you believe he can be an asset as a reliever, or are you simply done hoping he can put it together as a starter?