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Winter Meetings Day Two Open Thread

We had plenty of Royals rumors yesterday, but nothing came to fruition. Seemed like mostly recycled stuff to me: random Meche rumors, a half-baked Royals-Bradley-Guillen whisper (too bad everyone knows Guillen absolutely is one of the worst players in the game) [yea, I went bold and italic on ya] as well as the sundry offerings that we've come to expect from the Moore Era, which means a host of perplexing small rumors that seemingly no other AL GM would be associated with.

I'm convinced no one knows what the Royals are doing from minute to minute because the Royals don't know what they're doing either.

I know much of what we see isn't true (or entirely true) but when you think of the well-run organizations in the game, be they saberized or not, you simply aren't hit with nonsensical rumors like we see with the Royals. There's so much dysfunctional thinking going on, that enough of it seeps down to the public.



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