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Secrets of the AL Central VIII - Kansas City the Fastest Growing Metro in the Division

Maybe Royals fans should hold off on demanding more revenue sharing or a salary cap.

The Kansas City metro area is the fastest growing MSA in the AL Central, just edging out Minneapolis-St. Paul!

Listed below are the growth rates for each divisional MSA from 2000 to 2007:

Pop. Change 00-07 MSA Size National Rank
Kansas City +8.11% 1.98M 29th
Minn-St.Paul +8.06% 3.2M 16th
Chicago +4.68% 9.5M 3rd
Detroit +0.34% 4.46M 11th
Cleveland -2.40% 2.09M 25th


At this rate, in another fifteen years, Kansas City will be at 2.3 million, while Cleveland will be at 1.99 million. As the man once said, we can build on this!

I had no idea that the Detroit metro was that large, or the Twin Cities for that matter. Considering how bad it looks like 2008 was, and 2009 plans to be, I wonder what the updated numbers will look like. Then again, with the malaise so widespread, maybe there are no longer many places for rust belters to go...