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Royals Sign Obscure Journeyman Jamey Wright

Yesterday the Royals inked obscure journeyman pitcher Jamie Jamey Wright to a minor league contract. Perhaps Wright's greatest achievement is that he has logged over 1600 Major League innings, and earned over $10 million dollars playing baseball, and yet has remained thoroughly obscure. Jamie Cerda has tried to give him PR advice in fact. That's how high his performance to notoriety ratio is.

Wright is in fact a former Royal, as he made four September starts for the 2003 Royals (after being signed off the street mid-season), a team that was somehow sorta in a pennant race. In his second start, he tossed a complete game shutout, en route to a 7-0 win over the Tigers.

Wright has bounced around, but he's also stayed around. And actually, it's perfect that he's a two-time Royal, as Wright, and his former employers, have seemingly enjoyed second go-rounds. He's been with Colorado and Texas twice as well. He's also a former Mariner farmhand, which means he knows all about what it means to compete in Baseball's most famous rivalry.

Jamey Wright in recent years:

2004 78.7 119
2005 171.3 87
2006 156.0 87
2007 77.0 125
2008 84.3 86


It is unclear how this move affects former Brave and current Royal (I think) Matt Wright.

Wright will essentially be replacing Luke Hudson -- he's still playing? -- at Spring Training next month.

The real question is, what's the point? I ask that question not dismissively, but sincerely. I am really not sure. As I admitted above, I didn't even know the man existed. He wasn't awful for Texas last year, but he wasn't really good either, and his days as a starter seem to be long gone. I can't imagine a lower-upside relief candidate than Wright, who also is non-left-handed, if you are concerned about that kind of thing. Seemingly, this is simply a move with Omaha in mind, with perhaps some possibility of Wright emerging as cheap injury insurance should someone get sidelined. Basically, I guess, as maybe an innings eater in Omaha or maybe KC, so that someone better can keep his service time clock stalled. That's about all I can see. He's not even Tomko lite, he's Ho-Ram lite. At that point, I would have preferred a sentimental resigning of D.A.R.Y.L. May, who really should be allowed to retire as a Royal.