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Gut Response - Are the Royals Better Than the White Sox?

And so, we reach the final entry in our tour through the AL Central, last year's division winner, the Pale Hose. Considering that after 688 votes 74% of you don't think the Royals are better than the Twins, we should expect another solid victory for "no", no?

Then again, a lot of people are down on Chicago, just like they were down on each other. Really, it seems like the White Sox have started to pick up on Cleveland's whole volatile year to year variability thing. I guess it fits, given the way Kenny Williams fits the profile of a mad scientist, only the science is alchemy.

'07 Pythag '08 Pythag
White Sox 67-95 89-74
Royals 74-88 72-90

White Sox Losses: Horacio Ramirez (holla!), Boone Logan, Javy Vazquez, Nick Swisher, Joe Crede, Ken Griffey Jr., Orlando Cabrera (I think)

Additions: Bartolo Colon, Wilson Betemit, Jaff Marquez, Brent Lillibridge, Ben Broussard

It seems unusual to see a division winning team make so many moves, but the White Sox have never been about being a happy family, even when times are good. The White Sox are an old team with a shallow minor league system (though not one without a few elite prospects) and an interesting mix of players at the big league level. Really, the end has to be near, right? Maybe, maybe not. One clear way to find out: tell me if you think the Royals have already passed them.