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On Opening Day 2009, the Royals Will Enter a New Place in Jose Guillen's Heart

Barring the unthinkable, a Jose Guillen injury, on Opening Day 2009, the Royals, our Royals, will move up a notch in the all-time Jose Guillen standings.

Games played by Jose Guillen as a ___ :

  1. Pirate (336 games, 1997-9)
  2. National (217 games, 2005-6)
  3. Devil Ray (193 games, 1999-01)
  4. Mariner/Royal (153 games, 2007, 2008)
  5. Angel (148 games, 2004)
  6. Red (122 games, 2002-3)
  7. Athletic (91 games, 2003)

(I know the list isn't properly noting the tie at fourth... damn auto-numbering.)

As Guillen's name is announced on Opening Day, no one will be cheering louder than I, as I will then note that Guillen is now more of a Royal than a Mariner.

I want Chris Berman covering the game. That's how important this is to me.

I just feel sick knowing that, right now, our Royals are only tied for fourth on the all-time Jose Guillen Games Played standings. May this trivial annoyance pass soon.