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Your Latest Justin Huber Update - He's Back in the Division!

Our main man is back in the news, and you can take back the thousands of anti-Twins comments I've made over the years...

Huber, who belted two home runs in last night's 9-3 win at Napier Park, realises the importance of swinging the bat well when the Classic starts.

"It's good to get these games in. I haven't played since the minor league season finished last year and any time you see good pitching it helps," Huber said.

"You can get strong in the gym, but nothing replaces the speed of the game. I've been playing professionally for eight years. I think I have a good resume. Clubs know what I can and can't do and I'm working on the things I don't do well.

"I don't really feel any pressure. I'm relaxed, positive and confident in what I can do."