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Neal Musser No More - Royals Release Left-Hander

Nothing like an obscure Friday afternoon roster move found buried in a DK story about noted master sleuth John Bale's health problems:


The Royals announced on Friday that left-handed pitcher Neal Musser has cleared waivers and was released. He was designated for assignment on Feb. 19.

Musser pitched in each of the last two seasons for the Royals. He had a 0-1 record in 18 relief outings with a 4.21 ERA.

And so ends Musser's two-plus years of employment with the Royals. He was unhittable at AAA in 2007 (0.49 ERA) and decent in the minors last season. And he's left-handed and still in his twenties, seems like a guy you'd try to keep around, although maybe he didn't want to stay. I fully admit that I haven't followed Neal Musser as closesly as I would have liked to the last eighteen months.

Of course, the Royals are loaded in the bullpen, thanks to awesome deals like the ones that brought in Farnsworth and Waechter, so really all this is irrelevant.