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The Dream Is Alive: BP Predicts Miguel Olivo WILL Hit Double-Digits in Walks in '09!

Sure, his .240/.273/.401 projected line will also come out to a negative VORP, but the critics just can't point to Olivo and say Dayton Moore has an OBP blinspot.

Nope, PECOTA has him pegged as a 10-walk man in '09. Sure, Olivo only drew seven free passes in '08, and with numbers so low a three-walk increase does represent a huge jump, but there's no reason to not be hopeful here.

Miguel Olivo

#21 / Catcher / Kansas City Royals





Jul 15, 1978

You see, that smiling man above has a track record: 8 walks in '05, 9 in '06, 14 in '07, and 7 in '08.

And when Miguel draws that 10th walk on the season, in a meaningless early September game, I will stand up in my utility room and loudly clap.