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Save Me! Joakim Soria Now Tops This Decade for Royals Pitchers

It didn't take Joakim Soria very long to claim the coveted title of Royal Pitcher with Most Saves During the '00s.

Here's your immortal Top Five:

  1. Joakim Soria: 59 Saves
  2. Roberto Hernandez: 54 Saves
  3. Mike MacDougal: 50 Saves
  4. A. Burgos: 20 Saves
  5. Jeremy Affeldt: 17 Saves


  • I have abbreviated Burgos's first name because, frankly, I don't feel the need to look up how to spell it anymore.
  • Did you know that Roberto Hernandez played until 2007?
  • Mac's saves total is pretty low considering he was a Royal for like six years.
  • Jeremy Affeldt sucks. Good thing Dayton traded him after like a week with the Royals. (And yes, I was just as wrong about that trade as everyone else.)