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Bubble Bracket Bracketology Bubble Mid-Major Bracket Snub At Large Questions

  • Why are there seemingly games in Greensboro, Dayton, and Boise every year? After twenty years of cities being blackmailed, bamboozled, and lied to, basically every population center in America has an arena on hand. Can we mix it up a little more?
  • Why is the play-in game always in Dayton?
  • Why is it that every other year or so, a completely undeserving team gets to play at home? Sure, since Greensboro hosts every year we get to have Duke/UNC playing at home, but they are usually a top seed in that case. Why is Ohio State rewarded with playing in Dayton?
  • I know the BCS destroyed our national innocence and doesn't SETTLE THINGS ON THE FIELD, but from where I sit, at least its a transparent process. With the NCAA tournament, we have to settle for the secret deliberations of a committee that is entirely made up of people with professional allegiances to parties of interest. Still, the NCAA Tournament gets a complete tongue bath every spring.