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A Guy Who Willfully Ignored and Minimized the Internet, Now Starts His Website After His Paper Folds

I don't know that much about the Internet, so you'll have to tell me if it was good or bad, but by the end of last week we were over 3,000 hits a day.

I'm not real sure what all the technical terms are. In my mind it's a Web site. We're providing news and coverage of what goes on. I'm not going to say what's a blog or what's not a blog because I don't even understand where the terminology "blog" comes from.

Really? You must have not read the Time and Newsweek (my favorite sources for week old coverage of events) stories about this crazy trend... five years ago.

But I've seen some Web sites where they just get into being a bunch of guys sitting around screaming and yelling at each other and stuff. We don't have that kind of setup. We don't have that type of interaction created. I don't feel that much different except it's hard to take a computer screen into the bathroom in the morning.

See, the internet is all just kicking and screaming and yelling. It's probably filled with people who make bathroom jokes too. A real reporter, a real journalist, he wouldn't give you that infantile material.

You know, the whole blog thing, I haven't gotten caught up in it, I guess, like a lot of people have. There are some sites that fans have put together for the Rockies. I read those things. There are some sites that fans have put together for the University of Wyoming. I read those things. I find them interesting. I've never been a guy who that type of stuff upsets.

But by all means, go visit Tracy Ringolsby's new website. Because, where else can you get generic Rockies coverage AND seething contempt for your audience and medium? It sounds like a real awesome place. I would tell you to bookmark it, but I don't wanna look to nerdy with my new-fangled lingo.

All snark aside, how completely dumb and insulting is this? Have you ever heard of someone opening, say, a shoe store, and publicly announcing, bragging really, "look, I know nothing about shoes and the few shoes stores I've seen... wow, what dirty nasty places, although really I don't even know, because I can never go in them. But anyway, I'm opening up a shoe store, I think you'll love it!"

A year or two ago, I had a brief non-encounter with Ringolsby. A third party (another blogger who had worked as a journalist) emailed me and asked if I might be interested in interviewing him. There was no reason to do so, but he was a fan of this site and wanted to throw me a bone, said he knew the guy from way back. I said sure, because, well... why not? Anyway, a few days later my contact emailed me back, sadly he said, Ringolsby had big-timed him, or me, or both of us. To be honest, I wasn't upset about it (I felt worse for the guy who tried to help me out) since there was, in truth, no point in me asking this guy random baseball questions. Nevertheless, I'd be lying if I didn't think of the whole exchange when I saw the headline of this Salon interview, from which all these quotes are taken.

One day I will publish my own Imaginary Conversations featuring an in-depth discussion between myself, Ringolsby, and my ultimate snub, Dick Kaegel.