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Mark Teahen's Favorite Pitchers

Actually, I think his favorite pitcher is Lenny DiNardo, but in terms of guys he should like to face, it's an interesting list.

And no, nowhere in this post is there information about Teahen trade rumors.

  • Amongst pitchers that Teahen has faced at least five times, his highest overall OPS is against Jeremy Guthrie, the former bust with the Indians who sorta came back the last two years with the O's. Teahen has hit .500/.667/1.250 against Guthrie in six PAs, posting an OPS of 1.917. That OPS is just ahead of the 1.857 he's posted against Kameron Loe (7 PAs) and the 1.667 he's enjoyed against Jason Isringhausen.
  • In limited battles, Teahen has also had success against Phil Hughes (.600/.600/1.000 in 5 PAs), Brad Thomson (.556/.556/1.111 in 9 PAs) and Jeff Suppan (.625/.667/.750 in 9 PAs). He's also a .500/.600/.750 hitter against current obscure Royal Jamey Wright in 5 PAs.
  • If you limit Teahen's hit list to guys he's faced at least twenty times, you find a number of familiar AL Central foes. Topping the list is Teahen's .375/.423/.917 ownership of Jeremy Bonderman in 26 lifetime PAs. This is closely followed by Teahen's success against noted Southern Gentleman Cliff Lee, who has surrendered a .382/.417/.735 line to Mark. Teahen's third best OPS is against a guy from Missouri who pitches for Chicago (see below) and he's also done well against Boof Bonser, hitting .364/.500/.545.
  • Teahen has faced Mark Buerhelrehrleehlhre (I will never learn, on priciple, how to spell this name) a career most 45 times, and has hit him to the tune of a .419/.444/.628 line.
  • Teahen also has career OPS of over .900 agaist Fausto Carmona (.953 in 21 PAs) and Kenny Rogers (.923 in 23 PAs).
  • As you may have been able to glean from some of the numbers above, Teahen has done extremely well against the Cardinals, hitting .355/.410/.711 in 83 career PAs. The only team he's hit better, in fact, are the Pirates (.455/.538/.727) though he's only faced Bucco pitching 13 times.
  • No, on the whole, these numbers don't mean too much. In fact, matchup stats like these are some of the most misused statistics in the game. Generally speaking, when you hear them discussed on a broadcast, the appropriate thing to do is just roll your eyes. Still, it's only just March, and we might as well record some of Teahen's past successes in some way.