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AL Central Top 50 Prospects

For the Royals to be competitive in the future they have to have one of the best, if not the best, farm system in the AL Central.  I took the Baseball America top 10 lists from each AL Central Team and ranked those 50 players.

1.Mike Moustakas, ss --KC

2. Rick Porcello, rhp --DET

3. Eric Hosmer, 1b--KC

4. Gordon Beckham, ss--CHW

5. Carlos Santana, c --CLE

6. Matt LaPorta, of --CLE

7. Aaron Hicks, of --MIN

8. Ben Revere, of--MIN

9. Aaron Poreda, lhp--CHW

10. Nick Weglarz, of--CLE


11. Tyler Flowers, c--CHW

12. Daniel Cortes, rhp --KC 

13. Dayan Viciedo, 3b/of --CHW

14. Mike Montgomery, lhp—KC

15. Brandon Allen, 1b--CHW

16. Wilson Ramos, c --MIN

17. Kila Ka'aihue, 1b --KC

18. Danny Duffy, lhp--KC

19. Beau Mills, 1b --CLE

20. Ryan Perry, rhp --DET

21. Danny Gutierrez, rhp--KC

22. Jose Mijares, lhp --MIN

23. Tim Melville, rhp--KC

24. Clayton Richard, lhp--CHW

25. Kelvin de la Cruz, lhp--CLE

26. Lonnie Chisenhall, ss--CLE

27. David Huff, lhp --CLE

28. Carlos Rosa, rhp--KC

29. Jeff Larish, 1b/3b--DET

30. Jordan Danks, of --CHW

31. Cale Iorg, ss--DET

32. Danny Valencia, 3b--MIN

33. Michael Brantley, of/1b--CLE

34. Kevin Mulvey, rhp --MIN

35. Casey Crosby, lhp--DET

36. Shooter Hunt, rhp --MIN

37. Wilkin Ramirez, of --DET

38. Anthony Swarzak, rhp--MIN

30. Angel Morales, of --MIN

40. Blake Wood, rhp--KC

41. Carlos Rivero, ss--CLE

42. Brent Lillibridge, ss --CHW

43. Carlos Gutierrez, rhp--MIN

44. Adam Miller, rhp--CLE

45. Scott Sizemore, 2b--DET

46. Chris Getz, 2b --CHW

47. Cody Satterwhite, rhp--DET

48. John Shelby, of --CHW

49. Dusty Ryan, c--DET

50. Guillermo Moscoso, rhp--DET

I feel pretty good about the top 25 but after that, its a little more iffy.  I think the Royals have the best top end talent.  Cleveland is supposed to have more depth beyond the top 10.  Minnesota has some outfielders/pitchers but not much beyond that.  Chicago has drafted better after letting their system get awfully thin.  Detroit is pretty baffling--drafting very conservatively lately.