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Kansas City Royals Stories and Links That I Believe You Will Find Interesting

  • Royals Authority asks, When Do We Start Worrying About the Top of the Royals Rotation? Citing the rough springs endured by Gilgameche and the Lawnmower Man. Wow, the negativity is just killing that site!?!? I wish all Royals blogs just stuck to the positive stories and the true fan experience. It would make the internet so much more interesting and exciting. I know I'd read those sites more.
  • Rany on the Royals best lineup. Lineup posts are to the 2009 blogosphere as to what pictures of Jenn Sterger were to the 2006 blogosphere.
  • The Royal Treatment talks about the likely 25 man roster and the projection averages for each player. Doesn't he know that the games are played on the field? Ugh. These people. We should just end the season now, since we know what will happen. Yuck. Leave your mother's basements people!!!
  • The Royal Tower talks about some of the prospects that just missed being on his top 25 list. The Tower ranks someone named Keaton Hayenga as his #24 prospect. Someone I have literally never heard of. I'm not ripping TRT, I'm ripping myself. I'm a dinosaur. I'm out of it. So all you young bucks out there... be gentle on me when I say something dumb. It's time to learn more in my quest to be a better blogger.
  • A newish Royals blog is Royalscentricity. The guy behind it is a little like me. we both have degrees in English and he just moved to Austin, where I lived during my middle and high school years.
  • Royally Speaking ranks the system's third base prospects. You'll never guess who he has at #1.
  • Mellinger on why the Royals will Emerge.
  • South Side Sox did a community projection of the AL Central. It's a great read. I like SSS a lot... the Cheat's an longtime SBN vet like me who started at the bottom and now is rich and famous thanks to this glittering blogger lifestyle. We compete with one another by seeing who has a hotter executive assistant. It's silly, but it's fun. Anyway, the SSS readers pegged the Royals as a 76 win team, last in the division. Let's all think of horrible things to say about them, write them down in a letter, but never send it. Just writing it down will be very healing.
  • Royals Retro talks about the 1989 Royals and Pat Tabler. C'mon, you are a Royals geek, admit it, those words actually piqued your interest.
  • Twinkie Town has a post titled Remembering Corey Koskie. Dig it. I am going to a horrible party tonight at which I will know no one. In my fantasy world, well, in the limited fantasy world that pertains to this party, I will make conversation by spreading a false celebrity death rumor. I plan on looking down at my phone... "wow... man... umm, guys, Morgan Freeman has died."
  • Jose Tabata... where do you even begin?
  • Dontrelle Willis trade rumors, from Bless You Boys. As Cypress Hill once said, "save your money, man."
  • My dissertation is still chugging along. I'm writing the third of four chapters at the moment. It is not very good, but if you were really interested in the publication of poetry between 1778-1809 in the U.S., and were comfortable and capable of having one poet's career inform you of the general trends of the overall era, you would love it. Like, it would change your life.
  • Beyond the Boxscore posts a Random Team Recollection: the 2004 Diamondbacks. Well there you go.
  • Although he never answered my analysis request for Scott Elarton, Driveline Mechanics is one of the stronger baseball blogs. It's definitely internet-rotation worthy. It's a mix of pitching mechanics discussion and incredibly long sabermetric posts by some loser. A nice combination.
  • My wife went shopping for clothes this morning. My wife earns much more than me. I'm still planning on making an ironic sitcomy "joke" (that isn't funny at all) about her spending us into the poorhouse or having her allowance reduced or something when she gets back.
  • SBN has a blog dedicated to Big 12 Baseball. Cool. I believe I have to make an Iowa State joke here, so... "be sure to drop by and ask about Iowa State's chances." Done.
  • I'm working on the next Radio Affiliate Profile a little. It'll be on Iola, Kansas. If anyone has any good information on Iola, hit me with an email.