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"Kansas City" or "Royals"?

Road uniforms in baseball are odd ducks, and have been for a long time. There's the weird dominance of gray, which seems a little boring. Wow, a team in white against a team in gray, how fun! But each sport has its inexplicable logic: in basketball the home team wears white, in football it's the other way around, only sometimes it isn't. The Cowboys, for example, like to wear white just about everytime, so sometimes this creates weird dynamics in their games.


Anyway, I've always hated the gray-road-uniform tradition. Related to the gray thing is the "name of city in the plainest script possible" design. Not to go all George Carlin on you, but this really seems like evidence of baseball's nineteenth century roots (or attempts to recreate them, one or the other). "Well my good fellow, we are the team from Kansas City, so we shall first and foremost identify ourselves in this way. We all all know that you are familiar with the hometown nine, so they can call themselves their nickname. On the other hand, we'll just stick to the basics, and to help keep things clear, we'll write in plain, easy to read letters. No need to confuse or cause offense by looking too flashy."

Now, thankfully, the Royals have made progress. The script Kansas City on the road uniforms is much better, in my opinion, than the block Kansas City that appeared from 1995-2005. What did they have before '95 you ask? Well, from 1983-1994, the road uniforms, be they powder blue or white (the Royals seem to have only worn white for awhile in the early 90s) said "Royals", just like the home uniforms.

Some people read symbolism into whether or not the uniform says the name of the city on it. Notably, this was the case recently with the Orioles, who went back to "Baltimore" on their road jerseys. They aren't trying to be a DC/Baltimore team anymore, or something like that.

Anyway, its late... so what do you think? Should the road uniforms say "Kansas City" or "Royals"?