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Game Four Open Thread - Yankees (1-2) at Royals (2-1)

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Have you ever wanted to read about the Royals in French? Well, here's your chance. While searching for Jose Guillen injury information, I saw David Courchesne's AL Central preview piece. Here's a cool snippet:

Coco Crisp, aussi un nouvel arrivant, se verra offrir la possibilité de patrouiller le champ centre sur une base quotidienne, et on raconte que l’ancien des Red Sox de Boston s’en promet à Kansas City. Avec sous la main deux partants solides (Gil Meche, Zack Greinke), un releveur dominant (Joakim Soria) et des vétérans de qualité (Jose Guillen, David DeJesus, Mark Teahen), le gérant Trey Hillman peut regarder vers l’avant. À prendre au sérieux, ces Royals.

I would not consider the Lion King to be a veteran de qualite however.

Oh, today's game... you may have heard that Sidney Ponson will make the start. The Yankees counter with Andy Pettitte. It's a revenge game for Ponson, who has done two tours with the Yankees during his post-being-good wandering the Earth phase.

Sidney Ponson

#47 / Rotation Anchor / Kansas City Royals





Nov 02, 1976

Those of you who guessed that Ponson would not pitch an inning for the Royals are about to be eliminated from the Ponson IP Contest.