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Yankees Ho-Ram the Royals Below .500

  • During our million arguments this off-season about the rotation, a few people would from time to time mention that Tejeda or even Duckworth weren't completely horrible options either, insomuch as we were all acknowledging that we were dealing with stopgaps who essentially don't have the ability to succeed in any legitimate way. Tejeda had a nice game tonight, and kept the Royals on the fringes of striking distance in the middle of the game.
  • Doug Waechter also had a nice night.
  • So in sum, the Royals got a passable night from Ponson and a less than passable night from Horacio, and lost both games.
  • Bloomquist is a true asset because his glove allows you to play his sub-par bat (at any position) anywhere on the diamond. He makes the Royals better, and by better I mean, better at losing.
  • Boxscore link.
  • Here's the offensive output thus far: 2 runs, 2 runs, 2 runs, 1 run and 1 run. Its been cold, and the Royals have faced good pitchers, and yesterday it was supposedly impossible to hit. The Royals have also been awful. Mike Aviles leads the team with two runs scored. Billy Butler and Alex Gordon, our erstwhile saviors, have a combined OPS of like .500. They will improve -- we haven't had a 400-run team in awhile -- and may even improve up to mediocre status someday. Right now however, their first five games have been miserable. I seem to recall some decent at bats on Opening Day, when the Royals should have hung a six spot on Mark Buehhereheele, but since then... egad. Sadly, its the formula we've seen before: no walks, no hits, no power.
  • Unrelated, but Mike Sweeney had three hits tonight, his first three-hit game since September of 2007, against... the Yankees.