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Royals win an efficient game behind Bannister

So Brian Bannister came back to the majors and he was effective.  It's always good to go six innings and give up no runs, but that start wasn't exactly one to write home about.  Giving up no home runs in a home run friendly park is a good thing.  But getting only one strikeout and giving up two walks isn't particularly impressive.  And it seems like he gave up his share of hard hit balls.  So this wasn't exactly a return to 2007 dominance, but it was exactly the kind of effectiveness you'd like to have from a fifth starter.  

The bottom line is that it's good to get back in the win column, especially in a game where one of the bottom-of-the-order pitchers is starting and you're going up against last year's CY winner.  Now the Royals get back to the the Big Three.