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Paul Byrd Has Had Enough of His Family

Well, he made it, what, almost a month? Maybe two if you include Spring Training. This brave man has inspired me. But you know who he's really inspired? The fathers of the world, who maybe got reminded just a little bit more about how important family is. No... you know what, make that "Family." That's better.

I salute you Paul Byrd, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on religion.


In January:

"Some families, they love it," Byrd says. "When the dad retires, they're really sad. Maybe the wife just loves the lifestyle.

"It doesn't mean everyone should feel the way I feel. My family is different. When I'm gone, it takes a toll on the kids. They're not able to do some of the things they want to do. It's gotten to the stage where my wife feels they need their dad around."


Paul Byrd is ready to fly again. At least that's what he told Yahoo! Sports recently. Byrd, who made 30 starts for the Indians and Red Sox last season but chose to sit out free agency and Spring Training to spend more time with his wife and two sons, said in an e-mail to Yahoo! Sports that he is "game-ready" for two to three innings and would need just two weeks in the Minor Leagues to be ready to start in the Major Leagues again. "I am ready to make a move," Byrd wrote in the e-mail.
Maybe his wife just loved the lifestyle.