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Mike Aviles is the Only Man Who Can Stop Zack Greinke

So here's yet another silly Zack Greinke stat line: 9 innings, 3 hits allowed, 1 walk, and 10 strikeouts.

Dude's awesome. Is there much to say other than that?

Let's worry about Joakim Soria tomorrow.

I think we may have crossed a threshold tonight. There was a fair amount of internet buzz about Greinke's hot start and scoreless streak, and on Sportscenter tonight the answering machine guy who talks about golf alot mentioned that Greinke probably hasn't gotten enough attention, echoing the talking points of the esteemed Sharapova's Thigh blog.

It's almost like when Soria's "Mexicutioner" nickname went national sometime last summer.

Sure, a big part of it was generated by the somewhat arbitrary scoreless innings streak (you need a better example than the streak breaking run?) but the bigger story isn't whether or not Greinke should be a bigger story, but the mere baseball side of it. And the baseball side of it is pretty simple: Greinke is one of the best starters in baseball right now, so we can stop waiting for him to arrive. He's here.

It's enough to make you wonder, can the Royals win the AL Central?

In just under three weeks, and the answer has moved closer to "yes" than it has to "no." That's the first step.

The Royals are now 4-0 in games started by Greinke and 8-3 in games started by the MGD trio of Meche, Greinke, and Davies. I'll let you do the math on their record in games started by "other."