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Guillen, Olivo & Bannister Lead Royals Past Jays With Bizarre Ease

It's a simple formula really. Step one is to have your AAAA starter allow just one hit over seven innings. Does it matter if he only strikes out two and walks six? No. Step two is to have Jose Guillen homer twice, complemented by an Olivo homer and an awe-inspiring walk. Do all those things, while mixing in the totally expected clean inning from Farnsworth, and you'll probably win a lot.

It's a shame the Royals never seem to remember this formula.

  • It only took 40 PAs, but Miguel Olivo drew that walk. And yes, he did so before Billy Butler hit his first homer of 2009. All glory be to Miguel tonight.
  • A little unnoticed, but Alberto Callaspo racked up another three hits tonight, and is now hitting .386. Callaspo's hot streak, along with Teahen's, has helped minimize the impact of the Gordon injury.
  • The Royals actually drew eight walks tonight. The Royals drew eight walks twice last year, first in an 11-8 loss to the Red Sox, then very late in the year in 12-0 blitzing of the Mariners. Dice-K was only involved in one of those games. Eight is a new high for this season, up from seven drawn earlier this month against Texas.
  • A seriously old-school night from Bannister tonight, but I think we'll all take it. He barely was at 50% for strikes, yet escaped unscathed versus a Blue Jay squad that's been hot for three weeks.  The Royals are now 2-0 in games started by Bannister, who remains the only Royal starter outside the MGD Trio to start a game and have the team win that day.
  • So remember that Soria injury that we were all so bummed about? By my count, since the injury was announced, there hasn't been a game in which he would have pitched anyway. Remember this ye Closer Lovers.