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Royals Gored by Blue Jays, Anxiously Await News on Meche

Well that was an awful three hours.

Only the New Jersey Devils had a worse night.

If anything, the last two nights just show you how random baseball is on a day to day level: yesterday the Royals dominated Toronto behind a cast of unlikely heroes, today, with one of the better pitchers in the league on the mound against a generic unknown, they suffer a complete lay down.

Didn't Meche tweak his back during the meltdown inning in the last start? Oh well, let's go the Gordon route, where we sit him for a start, then send him back out there, then shut him down for two months.

Tejeda kept the Royals in the game for a key stretch during the middle of the game, only to have Ho-Ram erase all doubt. The good news is, we've now got Farnsworth's ERA back under 10.00.

The Royals scratched out a few hits, and DeJesus even had a two hit night, but it wasn't a thing of beauty for the Royals at the plate.

In other news, our magical closer continues to be irrelevant, injured or not. Through 20 games Soria has pitched five innings total: that's less than Farnsworth, less than Wright, less than Cruz and on and on. Hell, Waechter managed to appear in four innings before getting "injured."


Greinke's start tomorrow cannot come fast enough.


Meanwhile, the AL Central remains tighter than... something tight. The Royals have wasted a ton of good pitching and for that they find themselves stuck in the middle of a middling division in the middle of America.

AL Central Standings

Detroit 11 9 .550 0 Lost 1
Chicago 10 10 .500 1 Lost 1
Kansas City 10 10 .500 1 Lost 1
Minnesota 10 11 .476 1.5 Won 1
Cleveland 8 13 .380 3.5 Won 1

(updated 4.29.2009 at 12:46 AM EDT)