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Opening Day Afternoon and Evening Open Thread

Talk about a strange title... two uses of the word "open," two times of day, both signalling the second-half, all set against the beginning. Anyway, you get it.

Because the Royals aren't playing today, I'm actually trying, a little bit, to get work done, at least until this evening. My wife's out of town however, so a little warmup Game Thread and chatter tonight should be just what I need. Of course, the real show starts tomorrow, and I want 2,000 comments during the game.

I'm posting from the library at Georgetown, and I can tell you, the excitement here for the Nationals new season is palpable. Palpable my friend. What a wonderful move by MLB to bring baseball back to Washington, complete with a really fair, cheap, beneficial to the city stadium deal. The kind of good practice we've grown used to under Bud Selig.

Current and future games:

  • Yankees in Baltimore, and a handful of mind-numbing National League games involving mediocre teams are going on right now. The best fans in baseball may or may not be involved. Will Mark Texieeiiexieieiera survuve the onslaught of heckles in the weird Baltimore accent?
  • Tonight the most interesting game is probably Cubs @ Houston, while our division rivals the Twins and Tigers also open under the lights. A handful of West Coast games start late.
  • Don't forget to submit your predictions and feelings to NY's predictions contest and April RCI.
  • Please read Retro's tribute to Bud Black. Quiz tomorrow.