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Former Royals on Opening Day

Royals fans may have had to wait an extra twenty four hours for the first pitch of the season, but that didn't mean a few of our old favorites weren't involved in the pageantry of Opening Day.

  • Carlos Beltran went 1-4 (single) and was charged with an error. It seems like he was never a Royal...
  • Glendon Rusch pitched two innings for the Rockies and played a large role in their loss to Arizona.
  • Billy Buckner pitched a scoreless 1.1 innings for Arizona. Why couldn't Dayton have realized he was from Georgia before it was too late?
  • Dougie had a pinch-hit strikeout for the Dodgers. Joe Torre's class and grace was unaffected.
  • Joey Gathright played some late game defense for the Cubs, although Pinella's handling of the move was a little weird.
  • Jason Smith -- love his pop off the bench -- grounded out to end the Cubs-Astros game, killing a minor rally.
  • Mike Sweeney went 0-4 for the Mariners in their Minnesotan triumph. He did give Ken Griffey one heckuva high-five though.
  • Mark Ellis (partial credit) went 0-3 against the Angels.
  • Information on Ken Harvey, Terrence Long, Michael Tucker, Calvin Pickering, David Howard and Joe Vitiello was not available at press time.

So, your pitching totals are 3.1 innings (2 runs allowed) and 1-13 at the plate, with a single and no walks.

The legacy continues.