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Royals Review Prospect Pulse

The Minor League season starts tomorrow!  If you are like me, in mid-season, after a hard Royals' loss, you can take solace finding a Royals prospect who had a good night that night.   What you will see now is pretty much a prospect list.  What I hope will be interesting is checking in on a month by month basis to see how our prospects are doing and adjusting their ranking accordingly (I'm borrowing the idea from, and I'm sure other sites do something similar).   Some of the players are at extended spring training, so we will have to wait a bit to start getting stats for those players.  My rankings emphasize players already assigned to clubs but you'll still see players like Tim Melville.  I'm going off of the rosters on each minor league afilliates' website--some players (Ed Cegarra) I am assuming are in extended spring training for some reason.  We'll check back at the begining of May and see how the opening month of play treated our best and brightest.

Rank Name Age Level Pos Comment:
1. Eric Hosmer 19 Burlington (Low-A) 1B Watch out Midwest League--a man among boys.
2. Mike Moustakas 20 Wilmington (High-A) 3B Hoping the 2nd half Moose shows up in Delaware
3. Dan Cortes 22 Northwest Arkansas (AA) RHSP Repeats AA--hopefully will see him harness his stuff
4. Kila Kaaihue 24 Omaha (AAA) 1B Out to prove last season was no fluke.
5. Dan Duffy 20 Wilmington (High-A) LHSP Hasn't been challenged yet in pro ball.
6. Dan Gutierrez 22
Extended ST
RHSP Had some shoulder pain--is fine--should be in Wilmington soon
7. Mike Montgomery
19 Extended ST LHSP Should be at Burlington soon
8. Carlos Rosa 24 Omaha (AAA) RHRP Looks to dominate in relief
9. Blake Wood 23 Northwest Arkansas (AA) RHSP I think he'll have a good year
10. Tim Melville 19 Extended ST RHSP Liky Montgomery, think we'll see him at Burlington soon
11. Johnny Giavotella 21 Wilmington (High-A) 2B Part of a powerhouse Wilmington club
12. Derrick Robinson 21

Wilmington (High-A)

CF Repeats level, hopefully bat will come around
13. Jeff Bianchi 23 Wilmington (High-A) SS/2B Trying a move back to SS--helps his prospect status
14. Kelvin Herrera 19 Exteded ST RHSP Think he's got a minor injury, should be assigned a club soon
15. Joe Dickerson 22 Northwest Arkansas (AA) RF A sleeper to keep your eye on
16. Tyler Sample 19 Extended ST RHSP Probably will go to Idaho Falls
17 Salvador Perez 18 Burlington (Low-A) C Burlington is loaded with catchers
18. Chris Nicoll 25 Northwest Arkansas (AA) RHRP A good little relief prospect
19. David Lough 23 Wilmington (High-A) CF Kind of old but good tools
20. Henry Barrera 23 Extended ST RHRP Flame throwing reliever
21. John Lamb 18
Extended ST LHSP Lots of buzz--hasn't yet thrown a pitch in season
22. Mitch Maier 26 Omaha (AAA) CF Still could be useful
23. Ed Cegarra 19 Extended ST RHSP Not sure why he isn't with a club yet--hurt?
24. Greg Holland 23 Northwest Arkansas (AA) Hard throwing reliever
25. Jason Taylor 21 Suspended 1B/OF Got talent but needs to grow up--50 game suspension
26. Adrian Ortiz 22 Wilmington (High-A) CF Can he keep up OBP in Wilmington?
27. Paulo Orlando 23 Wilmington (High-A) CF It will be hard for balls to drop in the Wilmington OF
28. Jordan Parraz 24 Northwest Arkansas (AA) RF I don't miss Tyler Lumsden
29. Sam Runion 20 Burlington (Low-A) RHSP put up or shut up for '07 2nd round pick
30. Chris Lubanski 24 Omaha (AAA) OF Trying to bounce back



Others to watch:

Omaha: Devon Lowery, Brett Bigler

Northwest Arkansas:Blake Johnson, Mario Lisson, Jose Duarte, Chris Hayes, Gilbert De La Vera

Wilmington:Ray Liotta, Clint Robinson

Burlington: Barry Bowden, Luis Cota, Brent Fisher, Derrick Saito, Sean McCauley, Jose Bonilla, John Alfaro, Kyle Martin

Extended ST: Julio Pimentel (hurt), Keaton Hayenga, Juan Abreu, Carlos Fortuna, Fernando Cruz, Guelin Beltre, Yowill Espinal, Hilton Richardson, Alex Llanos, Carlos Testa