Paul Splittorff To Take Time off

Anyone who watched the Royals broadcast knows that Paul Splittorff did not sound normal yesterday and it brought up a lot of questions that maybe he had a stroke..  On the broadcast Ryan Lefebvre said that Splitt had been recovering from a terrible illness/virus he had in the offseason... Still Spittorff said yesterday to Kevin Kietzman that he did not have a stroke.. 


Still Spittorff gave it a try and later determined that he isn't ready and is going to take time off..  I really commend him for giving it a go and see how it works out..

"It was obvious to anybody that heard the telecast that he's suffering from an illness and complications with his voice," said Mike Swanson, Royals vice president, communications and broadcasting. "Splitt wanted to open the season and it didn't go as well as it was hoped."


Frank White is now going to take over until further notice...

"We're fortunate to be able to have Frank White to pinch-hit for him, one Royals Hall of Famer for another," Swanson said.



This is very sad news as most of us have grown to love hearing Splittorffs telecasts and I certainly wish him the best and hope he can better enough to come back in the booth.. Get well Splitt.


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