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Game Two Open Thread - Royals (0-1) at White Sox (1-0)

Tonight's game can't come soon enough. I dithered all day as to whether or not I should write a second Farnsworth post, and as you can see, I never did.

All I'll add, is this, from where I sit, the issue has been slightly misconstrued in the wake of the JoePo column. Really, the problem is bigger than just Farnsworth-Thome and whether Mahay should have been used. No, the problem is that Hillman seems to think Farnsworth is his second best reliever, or (according to his logic) the guy who should pitch the second-most important innings. We aren't second-guessing, we're first guessing, as evidenced by how upset people were in when it was announced on Sunday that Farnsworth was the setup man. This is a monumental mis-evaluation that is wholly indefensible, so to characterize this as just questioning one at bat, as one mistake, is innacurate. I wish Poz had highlighted this more than simply "why did he pitch to Farnsworth?" but that didn't really come through in his piece. Oh well.

As somebody once said though, you can only lose a game once, and while I don't think any better of Trey or Dayton today than I did yesterday, it's time for Game Two.

Since my wife is out of town on a business trip, I'm moving the laptop out of the home office and into the living room for this one, and game threading-it with the TV tuned to WGN. It'll either be a terrific or horrible experience...

Your pitching matchup:

Zack Greinke

#23 / Pitcher / Kansas City Royals





Oct 21, 1983

Gavin Floyd

#34 / Pitcher / Chicago White Sox





Jan 27, 1983