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A Little Bit of Redemption, Behind Greinke & Cruz (and maybe Hillman) Royals Win

The second time around, he got it right. Juan Cruz pitched the seventh and eighth tonight in Chicago.

  • I don't know how anyone ever gets a hit off of Zack Greinke, who was brilliant tonight. Greinke allowed just three hits, to go with three walks and seven strikeouts.
  • Juan Cruz: six batters faced, six outs. Awesome. I 100% did not expect to see him out there for a second inning, but there he was. So credit to Hillman there.
  • Teahen, though he looked a little slow in a few instances, looked pretty good to me out there.
  • Willie Bloomquist made his first Royals appearance. When he plays, the Royals win. I know you'll find this surprising, but Hawk likes him.
  • Although it did not matter, the Royals threw up some awful at bats tonight. Jacobs, Guillen, Butler, and Olivo looked to be having a contest out there. Meanwhile, Alex Gordon reached base twice surrounded by these clowns.
  • I enjoyed watching the game on WGN, Hawk & Stone mentioned how improved the Royals were about six times, and Hawk raved about Greinke all night. However, they missed the first pitch of an inning at least three times.
  • Teahen's RBI single in the fifth was a basically generic play, though of course clutch as hell. Nevertheless, unless Jermaine Dye was playing in the third row of the stands, I'm not sure how much credit Mark should take for it. It looked to be a routine flyball, and Dye walked up to play it on the bounce... he maybe got to within ten feet of it. Jose Guillen is Endy Chavez compared to Dye at this point.