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We Have an Early Candidate for "Win of the Year" Thanks to Coco Crisp & Kyle Davies

  • Most projection systems have Coco Crisp hitting seven homers this year. Hopefully the next six will be equally well-timed. Coco was feeling good last night, so I imagine he's pretty happy right now.
  • Coco's homer was even more gigantic because it not only gave the Royals the lead, it likely replaced Kyle Farnsworth with The Mexicutioner. This is like being setup on a date with Seth Rogen only to find out that he can't make it, and has been replaced with Hugh Jackman. (Reaching out to 5% of the RR audience here with this one...)
  • Of course, we're now setup for Farnsy's revenge series against the Yankees now.
  • Kyle Davies probably pitched the best game of his career this afternoon. Davies allowed just three hits and two walks over seven innings, striking out eight. I don't think Davies is going to go 22-0 with a 0.00 ERA this season, and I should point out that Banny was also brilliant in his first start last season, but if Davies has made the leap (to use a Simmonism) then everything changes for this team. The only game in Davies's canon that may be better was last September's white wash of the hated Mariners.
  • Butler played some first base today! How did he look?
  • Lest we forget, the Royals were able to hold on because Bert Callaspo was on-base when Coco homered.
  • Neither closer had much today, or so it appeared in the box score. Of course, Jenks gets a free pass because it wasn't a "save situation," and we all understand that pitchers only perform well in pre-determined situations. Closers, can only handle the pressure of protecting a lead in the 9th inning. A tie game, despite having less margin for error, isn't as pressure packed, so they relax. We saw the results today... As for Soria, he survived, but plainly seemed to be missing a little bit control-wise. He may not be available for tomorrow's game.
  • The AL record for strikeouts in a season is 1,268, set by the 1999 Tigers. After three games, the Royal hitters have struck out 31 times... meaning they're on pace for 1,673.
  • According to complex mathematical modeling program, the Royals will score two runs for every game this season.
  • Be sure to check out NYRoyals amateur scouting report.