An amateur scouting report

My amateur scouting opinion isn't worth more than anyone else's, but I thought I'd share a few thoughts from the first few games and see if others were seeing what I think I saw.  All of this is with the caveat that what we see from three games doesn't necessarily mean this is what we should expect for the next 159 (and the playoffs, of course).


  • I love what I'm seeing from Coco Crisp.  He's had a patient approach and made solid contact when he's gotten a pitch to hit.  And while his range hasn't been tested much, I like what I've seen in the field too.
  • Jose Guillen has looked horrendous at the plate.  While he's surprisingly drawn two walks, he has been as horrifically hacktastic as he was in his worst 2008 slumps.  He's swinging at almost everything, and when he makes contact it is usually weak.  I never root for injuries, but I wouldn't be too sad if his late game injury turned into a DL stint.  Teahen in RF and Callaspo at 2B would make this team significantly better.
  • Speaking of Mark Teahen, he's looked decent at second base.  He's certainly not smooth, but he is competent.  His range is good to his left and unimpressive but acceptable to his right.  He's got a good arm, but the accuracy of his throws is inconsistent.  He's a work in progress, but even at this stage he's not embarrassing himself.
  • I was really impressed with Kyle Davies.  He's always had good stuff, but he really looked dominant against the Chisox, especially in the middle innings.  In the past, his problems have been control and consistency with his secondary pitches on Thursday, all four of his pitches were working and he was throwing them all for strikes.  This really looked like the September 2008 Kyle Davies all over again.  If he's 80% as good as this for the rest of the season, the Royals have a very good #3 SP on their hands.
  • Gil Meche, Zack Greinke and Joakim Soria are, to put it simply, the balls.  STSAM.
So what do your amateur scouting eyes say?  Did you see this too?  Any other scouting reports from the first series?


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