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Game 23 Open Thread - Royals (12-10) at Minnesota (11-11)

The season hasn't quite felt right yet without playing the Twins.

All along, we've known that they were out there, somewhere in the darkness, winning games with their generic pitchers and counter-productive offensive strategies. They've been outscored by 23 runs this season, and they're 11-11. Typical Twins.

Your pitching matchup tonight is Ponson v. Slowey.

Sidney Ponson

#47 / Pitcher / Kansas City Royals





Nov 02, 1976

The Royals are 0-4 in games started by Sidney Ponson this season, though at least two of those losses haven't really been Ponson's fault.

Tonight will be a revenge game for Ponson, who randomly pitched for the Twins for a few months in 2007. All that's left of that great tour is this awesome picture.