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King-Sized Letdown as Royals Blasted by A's in Long-Awaited Luke Hochevar Debut

I know you're angry! (Harvey Milk voice)

I'm angry!

But hey, Cleveland is 12-22!

(crowd cheers madly)


So, it was another loss, only this one was a laugher, a game that was over by the third inning. Hochevar made all of our whining and pining look pretty silly, though he also looked like a guy who may not warrant arb-clock gaming anyway. So yea, it sucked. But it was only one game, only a handful of bad innings really, so we'll just have to see where this whole crazy season heads next.

One quibble: what the hell was Treyball trying to do tonight bullpen-wise? He pulled Ponson too early, then he did the same with Ho-Ram, then he brought in Mahay instead of putting Tejeda out there for two innings.

What's the point of having the long-man centric bullpen if, in a textbook longman situation, you don't have them, as they say, go long?

When you add it all up, there was no reason to have Mahay appear in this game, especially considering he's one of the three high-leverage relievers the team has.

Hillman Fail.

Chances are, it won't matter, as we have no idea how tomorrow's game will go. Oakland's offense is weak, but Banny is on the mound... Impotent force meets movable object tomorrow night!