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Royals Fall to A's, Lose Fifth Straight

  • The offense is completely cold right now. They haven't scored enough runs to win a game -- regardless of the pitching -- during this streak. The Royals have scored nine runs over their last five games.
  • Bannister was solid, but couldn't get out of the sixth inning. (Hey, who predicted last night that we may need a full pen for this game?) He pitched well enough to win, or at least leave with a lead, on most nights. As opposed to his last start -- the seven strikeout performance -- this was more of an old-school Banny performance: 5 Hs, 1 BB, and 3 Ks. And so, with another quality performance, the Bannister saga takes another turn. I don't know whether to credit David Riske, Miguel Olivo, or Joe Posnanski.
  • Willie Bloomquist's arm may have cost Banny that second allowed run.
  • Shoulder soreness for Banny? Is Banny hurt?
  • The seventh ended the game, though it didn't have to be that way. I only saw the Teahen play (on the Holliday dribbler) on the Oakland broadcast, who made nothing of it error-wise. It looked like a makeable play to me.
  • After watching the Crisp-Giambi play multiple times, I still don't know how he didn't come down with the ball. Something in his jump or timing looks off, which may explain why he ended up trying to backhand it, which you don't see often on a leaping grab. He may have jumped too early.
  • None of the runs may have been "earned" but Jamey Wright did not push the Royals forward tonight. He came in and went: wild pitch, walk, Teahen error, HBP, foul out, "single"/second Teahen error, game-deciding double. Could the clock be ticking on his Cinderella clock?
  • Thanks to an all around poor team effort and Hillman's questionable decisions the night before, led to Juan Cruz needing to serve as mop-up man. Sure, we've got the proverbial "he needed work" excuse, but he'd only been dormant for two days, so I'm not quite buying it. The good news is that Cruz only threw 18 pitches. And, we have Farnsworth now fully rested for the big Orioles series.
  • New plan for Jacobs: leave him in the clubhouse for the first two innings every game. Turn the clubhouse TV to motorcross or Spike TV or something they know Jacobs will watch. Tell him that the Royals are losing 10-0, then bring him in around the third inning. He will homer every game and re-save baseball in his pursuit of Maris.
  • In sum, a 1-0 game turned into a pretty miserable evening in about an hour. The Royals began the trip flying high, but are now sitting at 18-16. Jump on me if you want, but this losing streak really represents a lost opportunity. The Tigers are 17-15, and no one else in the division is over .500. With five games against two mediocre teams, the Royals had an opportunity to open up a bit of a lead in the division. Win two games on this trip, say Greinke's start and one other game, and you're 20-14. Oh well, it didn't happen.