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Five Fun Facts on New Royal Farmhand Eric Basurto

The Ross Gload trade is now complete, with the Royals acquiring a young pitching prospect named Eric Basurto. Here's Five Fun Facts about Eric:

  1. Eric was drafted in the 33rd round of the 2006 Draft (995 overall) by the Marlins out of Chabot College. (Though it sorta sounds like it, Chabot College is not in Tel Aviv, it is instead in northern California.) Basurto was also drafted by the Marlins the year before, in the 40th round, but did not sign.
  2. As far as I can tell he is the first player to be drafted out of Chabot College. (Actually, this is dead wrong see the comments.)
  3. In 62 career minor league innings, Basurto has posted a 2.47 ERA. He's walked and struck out many men of the minors thus far.
  4. Basurto is supposedly the young man talking in this video.
  5. In the original fanshot discussing the trade, the following comment was posted (thank you flipgatey3):

    i played two years at chabot college with eric. goes by “big e” or “e.b.” one of the funniest people i’ve ever come across, and a great teammate to have. he was a starter my freshman year, and moved to closer my sophomore year and won the closer of the year award for northern california. had a 0 era going into the last couple weekends of the season. absolute competitor and always wants the ball, would go to the pen on his own as early as the seventh inning if anyone started got in trouble and would finish games.

    i haven’t seen him throw since 2008, but i have to assume that he’s improved in the professional ranks, which was always his goal. at chabot, his fb topped out at 94-95, and he threw 99% fastballs. was working on a slider and had a pretty decent changeup that he showed every once in a while, but he loved throwing inside and just threw on people’s hands to get outs. just a bulldog. has a really live arm, and is the single most flexible person i’ve ever seen, can kick his legs far above his head. loves martial arts and has competed in some amateur MMA fights. absolutely loves competition.

    i remember him having far better control than his peripherals from last year showed, but regardless of whether it’s measurable or not, he’s also one of those guys who really bears down with runners on base or when inheriting a jam.


Bonus fact: Ross is still Boss and Basurto WILL NEVER REPLACE HIM. No matter what he does.