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Royals Overcome by Oriole Onslaught, Lose Sixth Straight

The Royals lost their sixth straight game tonight, falling 9-5 to Baltimore, extending their season-long losing streak.

  • After being killed by their offense for five games, the Royals finally scored a little, tallying five runs against the Orioles. If anything, they should have had more. Kudos to Butler & DDJ for nice nights.
  • Teahen assumed the DDJ role for this game, grounding into two double plays.
  • For the third straight night, the Royals could not get anyone out. Thanks to a short, mostly ineffective outing from Gil Meche, the bullpen had another long night. Tejeda struggled badly, and by the time he was done the Orioles had blown ope the game. Mahay was also terrible, but managed to escape without further damage.
  • Tejeda will not be on the Major League roster much longer. As I argued earlier this week, he was always the odds on favorite to be sent down the next time a move needed to be made, and that was before he started to allow runs every other time out.
  • I don't know what is going on with Meche... its just been a strange season for him thus far. He really hurt the team tonight.
  • Ty Wigginton could be a Royal. I see the whole package: trusted vet, HRs and nothing else, good ole boy name, no glove, and a terrible approach at the plate.
  • It's a bummer that the game went so poorly. The Royals had a great crowd, and it really seems like there was a lot of buzz heading into this homestand. Still, all is not lost, as Greinke pitches tomorrow. Sorry for a short, pretty bad post, I've had a really busy evening (by my standards)... I'll have more tomorrow.