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Kansas City's B Team Falls to Baltimore 3-2

  • Tonight's game somehow managed to be both depressing and mundane at the same time, which I suppose isn't actually that remarkable. Davies looked horrible in the first inning, leading to a somewhat bizarre, somewhat awesome, meeting with Hillman on the mound before the inning was over. From there, Davies seemed to regroup, and by the time the night was over, he'd posted one of his best starts of the season: 7 IP, 5 Hs, 2 BBs, 4 Ks. If you close your eyes, minus, maybe a strikeout, its an old Banny line, if you ask me. If you had told me in the first inning that Davies would only walk two men the whole game, I would... I would have responded with great suprise to that utterance.
  • Unfortunately, Davies allowed three runs, which was more than one of the weaker Royal lineups of the season could match. Mitch, Bloomy and Hernandez all got starts, with Jacobs DHing against a lefty. Predictably, Jacobs went 0-4 with three strikeouts. (But hey, I'd only just wrote, like two hours before the game, about how Trey had only done a so-so job of avoiding these very situations.)
  • Trey mentioned pregame that he wanted to give a number of guys a day off thanks to the travel day & the Greinke rainout, which I suppose is his call. Its a 162 game season, and these lineups will show up from time to time, though I doubt Kyle Davies is tremendously pleased with the obvious, though somewhat counter-productive logic, that there won't be a scrubs lineup when Greinke's pitching.
  • Guillen walked twice!
  • Does anyone else feel like Miguel Olivo is weirdly a huge factor in this lineup, positively or negatively? I suppose it makes sense, he's an all or nothing hitter at the bottom of the order, and when, once a week, he has a huge game, it makes the Royals seem unstoppable.
  • Did George Sherrill gain 80 pounds? I remember him as a skinny guy.