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Happy Birthday Joakim Soria!

On this date in 1984, in Monclova Mexico, Joakim Soria was born.

Little did his parents know, but some 26 years later, he'd be managed by a man who would call him "Jack" and that most people would casually refer to him as "the Mexicutioner". Had they known these things, that May day, God only knows what they might have thought awaited their newborn son.

Perhaps his rise to glory could happen only in America, as they say. There remains as well a certain cartoonishness surrounding his fame about which the same might be said.


Under team control until 2014, in just three short seasons Soria has gone from Rule V obscurity to one of the most feared closers in the game.

It took little time for Soria to move up to third on the team's all-time saves list, though we might have to wait awhile for another chance to update the standings:

Royals All-Time Saves Leaders

  1. Jeff Montgomery- 304
  2. Dan Quisenberry- 238
  3. Joakim Soria- 66
  4. Doug Bird- 58
  5. Roberto Hernandez- 54

It isn't the same watching a Royals game without the possibility of a Soria appearance, and the faster our man returns from injury, the better.