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George Brett Does Not Care for Your Opinion on the Royals

For some reason the NBC affiliate in KC (KSHB NBC Action News) talked to George Brett about, well, something today, and the Hall of Famer wasn't happy. Hence the always awesome "He's Had Enough" caption under his picture.


Of course, Kansas City has long been known as one of the most vicious media environments in the world, leading in part to the extremely short tenures of Royal managers such as Tony Muser. Muser, famously, was let go after just 748 games as the skipper in KC. For most sports figures in Kansas City, its something of a rite of passage to be ripped to shreds, often in a deeply demoralizing, extremely personaly manner, by the saber-toothed local columnist Joe Posnanski.

The sad thing is, my lifelong dream had always been to approach George Brett on a golf course, mention my blog, and start criticizing Trey Hillman.

Time for Plan B, writing a musical about fishing for gar based on the music of Steely Dan.

In other news, if you've never written a television show, you can't complain about what you see on the tube, and if you've never been hired as a chef, you can't offer an opinion on your dinner at Applebee's.