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Game 40 Open Thread - Indians (14-26) at Royals (21-18)

Prior to the last Gil Meche start, I pointed out that he'd actually pitched better than his ERA or W-L record indicated, and he went out and had one of his worst starts of the season. Of course, he'd also thrown 116 and 120 pitches his previous two starts, all while seemingly battling through some lingering minor injuries, or, at the very least, pain.

Pitch counts -- well other than old-school types bitching about them -- really haven't been an issue in the game since the early years of this decade. Back in the good ole days of being an internet smarty, you would see a team shred a dude's arm once a month and it was something that everyone was attuned to look for. I don't recall anyone here mentioning anything about Meche throwing 120 pitches (his third highest total as a Royal) against the Angels however. Perhaps it was because Meche -- with his typical Mechean efficiency -- managed to do so in just 5.2 IP.

Anyway, I think we'd all like to see a smooth, discomfort-free, solid start from Gil tonight. The Indians counter with Fausto Carmona, who had a good year once.