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Heart, Guts, Magic, Momentum, Belief & Something Special Come up a Little Short, Against A Reeling Indians Team No Less

As it turns out, life isn't a perpetual Disney movie.

No matter how hard you hug Willie Bloomquist, sometimes it just doesn't happen. The Royals looked like a team of destiny last night, while the Indians have looked like a team cursed for about two months now.

I'm sure everyone in the dugout felt as great tonight as they did last night, I'm sure they wanted it just as badly. I'm sure they believed. Moreover, I'm sure many of the Indians also felt the same way.

It just didn't happen.

It was all there in the 9th, but it didn't happen. It didn't happen. For a second straight night, Kerry Wood was terrible, but then he was great, gutty, gritty, moxie-driven, or whatever. I guess.

At the end of the night, its just another 6-5 game, and we get ready for the next one.

The good news is that the Royals have the best pitcher on the planet taking the ball tomorrow afternoon.